What turns on a guy? ;)


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You make a lot of sex noises really nicelly and he will act like an animal
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I like when a girl shows some skin, displays she's confident, when a girl licks/nibbles on my ear => That drives me crazy, and I like when a girl isn't afraid to show off her body for me and is willing to try the kinkiest stuff I can come up with, and just have fun with being young & horny! And I love when a girl puts her 'you know' on me when she's on top and teases me.
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Arthur Wright answered
Knowing youre going to give him exactly what hes hoping for
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Courtney Wilson
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Well...what if you decide to tease him?
Anonymous commented
Teasing with no "reward" at the end....Just Don't! It might be fun for you but its not fun for the person going home all horny...
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For me the thing that really drives me crazy is when you ladies wear short shorts and a little bit of butt cheeks are exposed. Lol  RAWR!  :D
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Not even do what Aj Yoon said its not ok just ask him sth like who is your GF?do you have any I think its better than that
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Start sucking on there neck ;) it turns them on really fast! :)..before you know it..your in bed lol! Oh...or just put some whipped cream all over your body..and wear a pair of stiletos :O :)

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