What Kind Of Things We Should Talk About Me And My Girlfriend? I Don't Know What Kind Of Things We Should Talk About.


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Hi, you can talk about current events, talk about family and friends. Your hobbies, travel, movies and TV shows. You can talk about the games you like to play. You can talk about the music you like, dancing and parties you have been to. If you are in school, talk about what type of classes you have or what subjects you like the best. You can talk about your plans for your future. You can talk about your pets. You can put all the above, in question form to ask her. What does she like to do? Take care!
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Talk about how you feel about her talk about things she likes to do talk about you days ask her about what she wants in her future what makes her happy what she misses of her past its not hard to think of things to say
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Talk to her about her day, What shes going to do tomorrow, Ask her if she wants to go somewhere and hang out go to the movies or dinner, Ask her about her future with you will you get married and how many kids she wants, Ask her about the names of your kids if you want any, Now sex is a good topic sometimes too if you havent already done that ask her about her opinions on it, Ask her what she likes and what she doesnt like, Always comment her tell her she looks so pretty today, Or tell her your so glad to hear her voice on the phone and tell her how much you missed her (go into details if you want), Ask her what her favorite color is, Her favorite scent, Ask her about her job and how its going if she doesnt have one ask her what she hopes to become in the future, Ask her about her past life if she wishes to talk about it, Ask her about her likes and dislikes. Hope this helps.
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Sex is always a good topic. Also mention the weather, how your day is going, your health.
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Ask how long you think you guys are going to be TÓGÉTHÉR tell her how much you think about her every day ask how she feels about you ask her what she loves about you and tell her what you LÓVÉ about her ask her if you could have a kiss the next time you see her
If she has plans the following day..maybe you guys want to hang out and then talk to her about what would she like to do.....how is her day going then tell her what you did that day...
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You should share all the funny things that happen to you. You can also share your thoughts about things, world, sports showbiz etc. But first of all you should get to know her better. Ask question from her about her liking and disliking. In that way you would be able to know which kind of stuff she likes to discuss. Be a good listner, because the girls love to talk. And she would love it if you listen to her with care.
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Well ask her what she is thinking about and how her day is going play with her hair let her lay in your lap then kiss her for no reason

just don't talk about make up or shopping girls get enough of that from their friends
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Dedicate a song to her and tell her you think about her when ever it plays, tell her you love her.
If she cheats stay with her to show how much you care, but 3 strikes she's out you feel me, or get High of that bud an Ulla be fine,
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Well maybe if you first started talking about things that you find in common then watch it spiral out
!! And always remember to be yourself
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Movies is a good subject. It involves lots of categories like romance, aliens,and actors. And it can help you to get closer in similarities. Good luck:)

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