For the past couple months, me and my friend barely talk? We've just started drifting apart and I don't know why. We only talk once or twice a week. We were like sisters at one time. What should I do?


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It happens.  :(  If you want to stay connected, give her a call. 

"Hey!  I'm craving the cinnamon rolls at the coffee shop.  Wanna hang out and have a latte?"  (Insert any food, beverage or location.)

"Hey!  I miss hanging out with you.  Wanna go see a movie?"  (Insert any activity you find in your area.)

Good luck!

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Barb Cala answered

You need to ask your friend this.  Friends should be able to be honest about their feelings.  Keeping open communication is very important so feelings don't get hurt or misinterpreted.

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It's sad but sometimes friends just grow apart.  Try to talk to her and find out if she's upset with you.  If she says it's nothing you've done then accept that and move on.

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