the neighbour and me got intimate about 6-7 times over the past month, however off late i feel im the one initiating meetings. should i wait for him to text me or should i just move on? we dont even talk after we meet


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That would ultimately, I suppose, be dependent on whether you are comfortable with the current situation (which it sounds as though you are not) and how you wish things to turn out.  If you are only looking for the "casual meeting" which it seems he is, then if you feel okay with doing so, continue it. My two cents here is that you should use your time to find someone who fulfills your needs and is better for your life in the long run, this coming from someone who hates the mere idea of relationships.

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You have no self esteem and no respect for yourself. Why would he respect you? You need to concentrate on your schooling and leave immature horny boy neighbors alone!

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