I`m dating a guy for 6 months, he told me he`s in the club now and he just did coke. I don`t do drugs. Should I leave him? This is his first time since in 6 months. Nope we haven`t talked about it. I just don`t know what to say to him.


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PJ Stein answered

You say you don't do drugs, but how do you feel about those around you doing them? You need to be discussing that with him. Maybe he tried it and then didn't like it, or liked it but didn't like the come down afterwards, and won't ever do it again. Maybe he did like and plans on doing it again. That is something you would have to decide if you want to be around or if you are comfortable with him doing it when you are not around. If you are mature enough to date, you should be mature  enough to have these type of discussions.

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Well, it's not much different than if he asked you to come along with him while he murders someone.

---Sooner or later you WILL be involved in something you will REALLY WISH you had avoided when you had the chance to do so.

And that chance is NOW---and it will expire shortly.

And it involves a CHOICE---run away as fast and as far as you can, or jump in a bottomless pit with him.


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Its up to you. It sounds like he has

some growing up to do.

Don't we all.

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"In the Club" means pregnant in the UK, so I'm gathering he isn't in the same club.

Using coke can never lead anywhere good. If he is within a group where he wants to fit in and so will behave in a manner where he'll be accepted, then that isn't good either.  It's the quickest way to lose yourself.

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