How will I know I am really in love?


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You'll have unending affection for that one person; though it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the KIND of love you may have for them. Sometimes you could love a guy soooo much, but then it could turn out to be just as a best-friend-love, not as a romantic love.
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shonda doston answered
You'll know if your in love if that person is willing to go out of his/her way jus to see you smile or happy if if he/her spends hours on the phone with you if he/her dosnt care what his/her friends think about you then you'll know
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U can never know... May b today u r sayng dat ur in love but when u find someone else & start lovng dat person more wat wud u say dn? Its just anothr story of live... Let it move on till u find whats really written in ur destiny...
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Abah Friday answered
All ur thinking we be about dey person, nd ur haert we feel joy
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rico ruiz answered
When everything around u feels fresh and brand new including URSELF and the world is the right place 2b and u feel complete and wholesome and what seemed impossible is like-nothing to it !!!! When all hours become the happiest hours and life is most definitely worth living and all is forgotten and NOW is the MOMENT and NOTHING can bring u down  and there is a sense of eternity and timelessness  and a certain joy and serenity envelops your being and preciousness enters into the picture and u understand the source of poetry.....
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Tannis Mitchell answered
When you think of that person, try to look good for that one person, and try to give him/her presents, and love everything about this one person. You'll sacrifice anything, to be with that person, and help them in any other way.
When you feel nervous, or sweaty around this person, and try to do new things, for this person. Hope this helps :)
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When you feel confused can't take any decision.
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Arthur Wright answered
This is really hard to put in exact words but can tell you its a feeling like no other in the world and when you are really in love, youll know it
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There are many ways in which one can know if he/she is in love but
among them, the simplest is examining certain changes in you as a
person. These changes range from your past experiences, your present
state of mind and how you feel when you think of them. Knowing if you are in love with someone is completely simple. It is
nothing more than examining your past feelings before knowing him/her
and how you feel now. This is so due to the fact that love starts in a
slow manner that you don't even realize it but when you are completely
in love. See complete details here
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Mary Asha answered
When you can actually do anything and everything for him/her.. Which you had been resist from doing it..
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Cheryle Masters answered
Butterflies in your stomach.  Sweaty palms. Nervous when around the person you love. You think/daydream about the person continuously.
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Stefanie dinovo answered
When you know you are truly in love you don't think of anyone but that specific person. It feels like you and that person are the only ones in the world and whatever happens you'll get through whatever it is.
VICTOR ABEL answered
You will always think well about that person. Your major concern will be on how to always and at all time make the person happy. You can sacrifice any thing for him/her.

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