What Are Some Questions You Should Ask Your Girlfriend To See If She Really Likes You?


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What attracted you the most about me and had you feeling I was the perfect one?
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A really good one is "what do you see when you look at me?".... If she just says "oh someone really sexy" or "well my boyfriend of course" that's not exactly good...
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My bf always asked me what made me want to get to know him better, how he got so lucky to have a relation ship with such a sweet girl, what my favorite quality about him was, and usually quizzed me on a lot of "what would you do if" questions (like what would you do if I died tomorrow?). But as cliché as it sounds only time will really tell. My boyfriend and I have been through a lot together, thats how I know I really like him. Hope this helps... Best of luck : )
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How  does  she  feel  about you , How  does  she act  when  you  two talk , Does  she  show that she  cares  about  you
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Ask her what made her like you and why she is with you. She has to be honest
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I would say that if she is your girlfriend then it is likely that she does really like you otherwise she wouldn't have entered into a relationship with you.

Sometimes we may feel inadequate or unsure why someone would like us. That's partly because we are insecure in ourselves but also could be due to a trust issue.

I'm sure that if you spend some time together this question will be answered by itself. Relationships are developed through time, conversation, patience and work. The best way to find out each others true feelings is to spend time this way. Then I think you'll find even more reasons why she likes you.

If you really have to ask then you should at least return the favour. Have a nice day out/day in. Chill out on a blanket or on the sofa and play a small game of 'reasons I like you'. This can be as daft as 'because you have funky trainers' to 'because of your caring nature'.

My advice, she likes you otherwise she wouldn't be with you. If you get too insecure this might ward her off.
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Ask her if she likes you? Tell her that you love her (if you are dating). One of the most thing girls love to hear from her boyfriend is "I love you" or "you are so beautiful" or "your mine and will always be" if you get insecure of how you think she feels about you than tell her how you really feel. A girls loves to talk about eachothers feeling of each other.
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Ask questions like "what do you look for in a guy?" and if it turns out most of then resemble you then she's probably into you. Other then that I would have to go with the straight forward approach "do you like me?" but the first way is less painful I think
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I am sorry but I say those answer wont suit you you r mostly a person that see her every day and you might need to look at her action other than her words every person give off vibes or signs if they like you r not make sure you talk about where your relation ship is heading this will let her know you plan to have her in your future and that you care 4 her so the love should come natural you should know ho love feels and know if she giving it off give her space and don't act like if she get a paper cut you might freakout always stay calm like your in control of every situation this answer is kind of off topic but it will fix your problem you acted like me until I found tricks or secrets to love and how it work you always worry and this is why you r coming 4 help which also shows your life basicly revovles around her sums you up am I right?
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Hmm... Just the way you talked to me, how you were so honest and sweet.. Didn't judge me and not offended b/c of my dancing
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Make a plan for a few weeks in advance, if she backs out of committing to it then she isn't thinking long term
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Asking question's wont tell you if shes likes you, however her actions will, so pay attention. Wish you the best of luck.
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Be blatant or a coward, there's the two ways to see if a relationship works.  For one that's not older than say... 6 months then you've got to decide to be blatant or a coward.
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1. What made you in love with me
2.do you really love me or are you making someone else jellos

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