When i first saw him i loved him, when i go somewhere i hope he will be there, when i am next to him i hope and pray he will talk to me, does this mean i am really in love?


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I'm going to probably give you a long answer...because this is an important subject...and...I like to give longer answers.
Truth time: I've felt like this twice.
This is not love. It's infatuation. They're very different but you can surely confuse one for the other.
I %100 believe in love at first sight. It can for sure happen. So it could be this. Thing is...from my experience...I've thought. "oh, this is love! He's the one for me! I know it! I just know it!" he was all I could think about...I had multiple dreams about him. All I wanted to do was be with him. Praying to god about him...when I really don't pray very often. But...both times...I was wrong. He wasn't for me.
Love at first sight doesn't exist with just one person. And no matter how much I cared for him...it didn't mean anything. I never dated either.
I'm not trying to discourage you. Because...if this boy is shy...maybe he's afraid you don't like him and doesn't want to make the first move.
Have you tryed flirting with him yet? Just do a little something every once in awhile to show you are interested. But don't over do it. Guys very much dislike that. And I truly hope you and this guy work out. Because if it doesn't...it's heartbreaking. Believe me...it's happened to me two times and I know it hurts. I am still friends with both of them however. But I hope things work differently with you and you can show this boy the extreme capacity to love you obviously have. Because getting him is the hard part. Stories like these...that work out well for the girl...the boys don't leave...and when they do...it's a long time after you get together. (:
Good luck(
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rayven howard
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Thanks...i mean it might be infatuation but i was infatuated with a guy before name charles but this time it feels different with brandon..idk i really hope it works too but i am really shy until i know you and so is he so this is going to be hard
rayven howard
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Again thank you and please keep the answers coming
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I very much believe you've found your first' lovee! :) thats so sweet! I don't believe age makes a diffrence. I'm in lovee as of now ive been with this boy a year on 1.30.11. & I havee the same feeling. I'm almost 16. & we argue a bit but once he leaves I want to cry. I feel so lost without him he is my backbone. I'm not sure where I'd be without him. :)
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rayven howard
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Ya when we miss school or have breaks I miss just being able to see gin everyday. When he's not around I think about him and time goes by sooooooo quickly lol. It's crazy.
rayven howard
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We are on winter break and i already miss him!!! Just being able to see him i miss
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I would hope so! Thats what its like:D
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Could very well be but when you are, youll know it most definitely as there is no other feeling like it in the world
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Do you have butterflies? I'm going through the same thing, but I don't think that it is love, just yet anyways....  I think that it is more infatuation but that doesn't mean that you can't love this person eventually! -Good Luck!
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rayven howard
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Yes very much so..even if we are in the same room i get butterflies..
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I know exactly how you feel, this guy is so cute, so sweet... Everything... But like I said before, this sounds like infatuation.... Which is not a bad sign at all, go for it... If he makes you laugh, you might just be able to love him later on down the road. :)
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It could be love. Like love at first sight. How old are you? Age can tell the answer sometimes. Are you actually with this person. I think you may just be infatuated with him. You need to explain more about the relationship.
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rayven howard
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14...and we are i guess acquaintances. He talked to me first at lunch one day..i made him laugh which i swear gave me a heart attack..haha..i know i like him a lot but i dont know waht i should do and if it is love at all..its gotten to the point where i dream about him! It gets worse everyday i see him...
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You guys are a lot of help thanks. Keep the answers coming..I need help on what I should do!!
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Yeah there  should be like about  1000 more girls like the way you feel like you
I  know someone and  we will just be friends  and if  I meet someone new
than let  it  be
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I really wouldnt call it love at at all, then again it depends on how long youve known him for, maybe it will feel like love to you, but it wont always feel that way at all....
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rayven howard
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I have only known him for well since school started but like i dont know it just feels different than any other little crush i have had...in the back of my mind i am always thinking of him

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