If I don't talk to him for some days he thinks I don't love him! He then advertises himself as being single! It's happened so many times! It hurts me so much when he does that! Any help?


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I've noticed this also, so I know what you are saying. I think the two of you need to have a nice long private talk and square things away, one way or the other. Might be time to give it up and move on, but that's up to you two. You need to talk with him and ask him this very same question. Best of luck to you! :)

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Hi nice girl! Boy, I think you are way to young for all that drama! So much life yet to live and people to meet. There will be plenty of time for all the "love" drama...I'm a perfect example! I've had soooo much of that type of drama in my life, we never know when the right one will come along, but he did! And yours will come too, if "he" isn't the one, keep looking! :)

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Yes, I know, I'm a sensitive girl too, I have had my heart broken several times. I would suggest a boyfriend in your area, one you can see, touch, go out with to the movies or to the mall. It's much better to be able to enjoy each other in person....if you had the ability to go see this online boyfriend maybe it would be different.
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Well I know about the fools in the immediate area, it's like that here too. Aww sweetie, broken hearts are awful for sure, but no need to think about killing yourself over this one, he's not worth all that. Don't give him that kind of power over you...that's exactly what you're doing when you say that type of thing. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, hold your head high, be who you are, and be a strong girl. Don't let him drag you down, if you do he wins....and no sense in him winning! Smile, talk to some other boys, you might just find one more interesting!
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well after this i have a strong belief that i hate boys........they are just so careless!
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Personally, I think you're far too young to be dating, and when you're older and wiser you'll realise that this wasn't really love, However, my advice is this: Boys generally mature after girls do, so he might not be able to understand how much of an impact his actions have on other people. He needs to clean up his act and start being more serious about you and about the relationship.

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