I Love Someone And I Don,t Know If He Loves Me,what Should I Do?


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Find someone else. You'll only be wasting your love (and your time and energy) on this guy.
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Kareena80, I have been through what you are going through right now. If you go on about your everyday life, giving more attention to "family" and "Friends", you will give your "Ex" time to think, and appreciate the relationship that you once shared. If he truly loves you, he will start calling you and looking for you. He will make any excuse to talk to you, or even see you. Men do NOT like to be chased. Men like to do the chasing! I know that sounds old school, but it's so True! Good Luck!-from Kat
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Hey girls,if you want to know if your boyfriend loves you the first thing you have to do make sure that you love him then you have to do this:

1-go to him
2-speak with him about anything you like but not about love
3-when he's talking with you look at his eyes and you will start know if he loves you
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Try to awns-er to to him and get along with him don't let your friend push you into him like my Friend did

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