Why Do People Say One Thing And Then Do Another?


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    What 'Bifmeister' seems to be expressing here is a concern for the integrity or loyalty of those he is in contact with, regardless if it is an acquaintance, a close friend or family member. Exercising genuine concern for others, in our circle of family and friends, is best demonstrated by action and not by words alone.
    It can be considered wreckless behavior if one continues to say that they will contact you soon, and not a word from them after weeks or even months gone by. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Perhaps most people were not exposed to such a concept in their upbringing or at least noticed in social circles, in the public school or schools they may have attended.
    So, the best way to avoid emotional harm, because a friend or relative seems to be purposely avoiding contact with you, is to either confront them in person or let it go and ignore any future contact with them altogether. Basically, one should never make any promises they cannot keep, even if it is not a promise but just a general statement, especially as it pertains to human interaction.
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I think the words well keep in touch or We'll write soon are said without even thinking.. That the words have become a cliche.  just something we say when we part, which is sad.  I think if you tell people you will write them or keep in touch you should do it.. Otherwise.. Just say Bye its been nice knowing you. 
People don't think about what they are saying anymore. 
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And since most people do not carefully think about what they say before they say it extends into the overall integrity of society. If people continue to interact with such vagueness, the disharmony of relationships will continue to increase and worsen.
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Because we as humans are selfinvolved and lazy...lol
If you want to stay in touch with old friends and such, pen them a letter or give them a call and remind them you are still out there and that you would love to see them....They may be waiting on you to make the 1st move
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After my husband died, people at my church said they would take my kidsout for fun things, the men said they would take my son the Royals baseball games, fishing etc, and no one ever did on thing.  My son remembered these promises that were broken.  Many also promised to write me and send cards after we moved- and nothing.  People can say all kinds of things and make empty promises.  I wish they would keep their big mouths shut!
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I'm sorry that happened.. especially to the kids. people start off with good intent but we know the old saying.. about good intentions. ((( hugs))
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frankly I believe they really never ever intended to do these things, at lest most of them, in light of some other things that happened to us by the church later on. (bad stuff too)
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I think people are so busy, they dont take time for themselves, which includes taking the time to sit down and call or write... And the longer we go without contacting someone the harder it is to do... Make the firsts move, even if it is a quick email to say "HI I thought of you today"  :)

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