Is it possible to be married but detest kissing, hugging, or even touching your spouse? I can't stand her even accidentally touching me when asleep!!


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Sure, you could be married but I don't think any love is involved. What good is a marriage without love?

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Very strange....share a bed and a home with someone you wouldnt even touch? .... makes no sense to me.

Maybe you are not sure about your sexuality. 

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No, that's not possible. What do you think it does for her self-esteem or self-worth? This can only end badly.

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Dang, I'm thick. I didn't give it a thought. Yeah, troll sounds right. Serves me right for answering an anonymous question.
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Dont feel bad, look what I fell for: (those "surge stix" things, specifically, on provided link--- was my failing. Reading the description on them were quite crazy sounding lol.
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Tyto Alba's post.
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It is possible if the spouse who detests being touched was sexually abused in their life time.

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