am i gay? i don't like what girls have.. er.. down south, to keep it pg. but i get turned on by their other parts. i definetly like guys but idk if im bi or gay?


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You don't need to "label" yourself or "come out" as anything. You like who you like. That's it. If you enjoy looking at men or women or both, so what?

I'm a woman and I enjoy looking at women. I like to see how they do their makeup and how they accessorize their outfits, what shoes they wear, etc. Does that make me "bi"?  No. What's wrong with simply enjoying what other people have to offer?

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Jann Nikka
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Exactly. I get lots of ideas from looking at what other women are wearing. Especially 👜, 👡👠👢and eye shadow and💄. 👕

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