How To Tell My Ex We Are Done But I Would Like To Remain Friends?


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I wouldn't waste my time with him. You deserve so much more than to be used like that! He is using you, I don't know if you see that because you are on the inside of the relationship, but since I am an outsider, I can see it. He will not come back, and if he did, it wouldn't last.
I recommend that you chin up, and go and find someone who will think the world of you, and will love you, not an ex. Hope this helps you out, good luck.
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kathy turner
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do you think we can still be friends?
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I wouldn't even want that myself, but that would be totally up to you. I think though that he would just keep using you, and you would get hurt again, I don't think he has it in him to be a friend. Sorry dear.
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I would venture to say he's in a pickle of a situation. He really wants the normalcy of being with you, but he doesn't want to involve you in an old responsibility he cannot ignore. By intervening and telling his ex about the 2 of you , you shattered his pride. If you want him back in the friend aspect your going to have to gain his trust back in the way that you were before you called her, let him come see you a few times, and slowly ween him off the idea of relationship and show him how you can still be great friends...

Hope that helps.
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I agree w- what the other person wrote, as far as you definitely deserve better, but you know what? If it is meant to be that you two will remain friends it will be! And that is my final answer.
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Go with your question...tell him you want to break up but don't want to loose him as a friend.

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