Me & my ex have been talking lately, more than usual. We are both in relationships but something brought up the memories we had. We finally decided to stop talking but I still want us to be friends. What should I do?


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The beacon of alarm is buzzing in my head. I think its a good decision to stop talking. I know it is the "in-thing' being comfortable about being friends with exes, but it is usually a very dangerous, slippery path. See, you were in love with your ex because you both found somethings to like about each other that are more than what you find in just friends. Then maybe you had disagreements and you broke up.

Now you have both found people who you like more than your regular friends, hence you are in love with them. Yet, that old spark of being in love with your ex will always remain and you will keep finidng those special things that still make both of you desirable for each other. So I would say, its nice that you want to be friends, but I feel its better you draw the line and don't fall for the old charm that initially attracted you to each other.. And lets not get into the jealousy it might drive in your current respective relations..

Jackie <3

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