I love my wife, I also love a girl from high school, we have been talking on FB, we are both with someone but want more. Yesterday we were chatting and she agreed to send me some nudes since I can't have the real thing.. What would you do?


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Well honestly, it's wrong. You are married whether you like it or not and her being in highschool, wouldn't that mean she's a minor? You could go to jail. Consider that. Again, you are married. If you don't love your wife anymore, then you should tell her. It isn't fair to her. Be considerate. Also about the pictures, say no. That isn't good at all. Be the better person and refuse. Just cause you can't have the real thing? If you wanted her honestly, really, actually wanted her, then you would wait till the divorce was finalized and she was legal(if she's a minor).

Also, do you REALLY love this highschooler? Or do just WANT her? Don't be confusing Love with Lust now. Because if you don't love her, then you're doing her wrong. Unless she knows and is okay with it. And she herself is NOT inlove with you. You could hurt her feelings severely if she was inlove with you. Even if she says it's okay. You being older, should be smarter. So, if she is agreeing to do something for you that you know she shouldn't be doing. You say, no. ._.

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Should clarify this, I don't mean she is in high school, we were in school together. We are both 26 and have known each other 14-15 years.
Izzy SouthernGirl
Lola is 100 percent right.
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For better or for worse. You are on an emotional low one of the worse times of a marriage. When people say I do they don't realize that it means when I am having a low point in my life.
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Clarification, the girl isn't in High School, we went to school together and are both 26. We have known each other for 14 years.

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Well, I still say it's wrong. You ARE married whether you like it or not. Like I said before. Try rekindling that spark you had with your wife. And if you can't choose. Tell her you need a break to think it through. Be alone for a while. If she loves you, she will understand. If you have to figure out which one you love most and you be with that person. Don't confuse lust with love, again just a reminder. Many people confuse it. It's better you leave than cheat. No woman deserves that. You have to tell your wife what is happening and that you don't find your self as in love with her like when you first got married. I think you need time to think before you do anything rash. Of course you might always love your wife but I know there will always be one you love more than the other. You have to find that one. Figure which one it is and the best way to do that is to not hang around either of them and think. Think real hard about your feelings.
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