My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 4 months. I have met his daughters as his "work friend" He won't tell his ex wife we are together They have been divorced for two years. Am I wrong to feel like she should know we are together?


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I wouldn't put up with that much longer. He will do that as long as you let him. You are only 4 months into this relationship, stop it now or it will become "the norm" as it did for me, for many years.....I always made excuses for him not introducing me to his family, and I always ended up feeling not good enough, or that he was ashamed of me...destroys one's self esteem. Fix it or get out of it.

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That I know! <3
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I plan on talking to him about it the next time we see each other. His excuse has been that she will cause a huge scene and an episode and threaten to take back custody of the kids and take him to court. This is a woman with no job who sees the kids once a week and has little to no responsibility. He is court ordered to pay her bills for another two years. Should I give him a time to do it by and if not let him no we will no longer be together? I hate ultimatums I think they are last resort. But I am no ones secret.
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Well....from my experience, I'd say that's just an excuse. My ex didn't want to tell anyone because his ex wife would try and take him to court and take the things we had away. He didn't want her knowing where we lived because she would "cause a scene" sound familiar? I just see a familiar pattern.if he doesn't straighten up, us the wisdom of others that have been through it, it's not worth it. The right man is out there for you, I put up with that crap for 17 years cos I didn't know any better, don't make the same mistake...I finally found my destiny and have never been happier!

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