This feels like incest to me: He was my boyfriend for 4.5 years, and my best friend for 7.... Now he is in a relationship with my daughter (he is 50, she is 27). They have been together for 6 months. Is it wrong? And what can I do?


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Nothing you can do .. They are both adults.

Regretably they have snared you up in this 'relationship' as hurtful as that is .. And yes .. That is wrong on a few levels because of how it hurts YOU.  However, it is not incest as he is not her father or even step father or relative of any kind.

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That is totally terribly wrong. If a man has been with you first off your daughter automatically shouldn't be with that man. So therefor that needs to end.

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This is an older question, but since we're there again, I'll throw in my two cents worth.

It happens more frequently than you might think.

It can be reasonable from a psychological standpoint.

It is generally considered "distasteful" by the one in the prior relationship, as well as his or her friends.

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Well, if I murder your husband---even if I am never found out---I still can't subsequently contract a valid Catholic marriage with you according to Canon Law.

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