Would You Cheat If You Know You'd Never Get Caught?


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This questions the values of people and I would guess that many people would say they would not cheat in these conditions but when confronted with the scenario, actions speak much louder than words.

I have thought many times about this and even been confronted with it. I can honestly say that no, I would not cheat. The reason being is where my values are. My companion may never know but I would know. I also know that it is wrong and being an honest person, I would have to tell my companion I did it, even though she may never find out.
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Hi, no I would not cheat. If I would cheat that means, I have little feeling for my mate. Also, I could be putting our health in danger by contracting a disease. It's easy to think you may not get caught, but why not be satisfied with the person you have. Will it be worth it in the end, if you do get caught? Will it be worth destroying your love one and your relationship? If you know what you have, why risk it all, for a fantasy. Take Care!
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Samantha commented
No, I wouldn't even think about it. I have a wonderful hubby and 2 precious daughters, I would never do this. Cheating, my values of how I respect my family, even though you stated , you never would get caught. I would know what I did, and that would be a terrible thing to live with. I am a Happy person in a committed relationship and my family means everything to me.
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I believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. I am married, if I were to cheat, it would be a sin. I have never cheated and will not. Yes, I have been very tempted but I turned away. Cheating never "just happens" it is a decision. Twenty minute of something that would probably be awkward anyways to unravel the time I have invested into my relationship.
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No I would not because if it were the other way around, regardless of if I found out or not, the thought of that possibility would hurt me, so considering how it would effect me, I would not want to hurt someone else.
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One can say they will or won't do something until faced with "the test" but I know for myself personally, I could not. I feel guilty over the least little thing anyway(although I am human same as anyone else).... If you have something solid with someone, one has to think: Would I blow something that took me so much time to build all for one moment of something meaningless? If your really in love, seems to me you wouldn't want anyone else anyway. Just my opinion. As edjones said on here: You'd still have it on your conscience. Not worth it.
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If you would, then you should not be in the relationship. Just be free then no one gets hurt. The meaning of being in a trusting loving relationship is to be only with that one special person. Alot of couples are in open relationships but they really don't work over time.

My answer is no, when I was young I did, then later it happened to me so payback was a B.

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Yes.. I have love for my spouse, But i not all there. I mean I am with him for our children, And I care about his feeling. But if i could be with another man, and not get caught. Then i would. See i am only with my spouse because he cares and love me to death. So i act the same way. But sexually, and emotionally i not there. I know it's wrong. But I think he knows. So he's happy i'm there.

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