What Happens If You Get Caught Cutting Yourself?


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Depends people r very judgmental  n don't understand but tell your close friends you need support theres always a reason (be honest) be aware if you hav kids social services believe that if you hurt your self you ll hurt your kids I know thats wrong but thats how they think trust me xx ps you mite feel it helps at the time but long term its not the answer and doesnt solve anything x x x
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Hopefully they will realize you need to be taken to the hospital first and and then get you evaluated and admitted into a counseling program to help you learn this is not a normal way to handle life and the problems in your life .then hopefully you and your parents/guardians will be educated about this mental illness.this in turn will help you get back to a normal carefree life able to handle what ever you run into in life along with your parents /guardians.

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