What To Do When Your Partner Shows No Love Or Affection, When He Use To Be Loving And Affectionate?


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Brenda Harrell Profile
Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, my question to you is why you are settling for this type of behavior. Why are you still in this relationship, what is in it for you. It seems to me you have nothing to gain, by remaining in this situation. You need to end this so called relationship immediately. You are making yourself sick for what. He is not worth all of that grief and as long as you will let him, he will stay in control. You are in control of your own future. Tell yourself, I am his loss and he is not my loss. Leave or make him leave, so that you can open yourself up to receive a real meaningful relationship with someone who cares about you. Take care!
ANGEL BERRY answered
Make it simple- tell him he is going to miss you when your gone. See what kind of reaction you will get out of him, maybe a little threat will open up his eyes and let him see that he has a wonderful person in his life. Start doing things for yourself, hair nails, tanning see if notices, he start thinking then good luck!
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Lydia Encinia answered
I am going thru the same its hard to end a relationship after being together for 2 years..we need to get out of it we are hurting ourselves & waiting for something that's never going to happen!

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