When it comes to love; you should follow what your heart and gut tell you?


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I think that in order to be good you should follow your heart but always let your brain double check just to be sure
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Yeah, thats really what you can understand and concentrate more at that moment, but do use you're brains coz heart it just a blood pumping organ, its what you're brain tells you.
So go for the combination of both of them...
All the best! I hope you get the best in love (:
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Only if they are truly in synch with each other and thats very rare but definitely trust your gut feeling first as the heart does and will lie. Especially within the first 6 months of entering a new relationship or just meeting someone. Many people fell in love with the idea of being in love but really never love the person they think they are in love with which is why divorce rates and breakups are at a record high
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Always follow your heart .  It may not work out in the end, but at least you will know you tried .  Trust your heart .
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Rin Bagel
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And yes, I'm using my intuition and brain. Like I said, everything. It doesn't always lead to your brain, without heart, there is no compassion.
Rin Bagel
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If it's wrong to feel this, then I'll gradually get over it.
Ray Ottewell
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Then you go along with all of it girl and the best of luck and I meen that from my heart
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I think that is a mistake a lot of people make, use your brain work things out in your head because you can be fooled buy your own heart and gut.
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Rin Bagel
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I'm trying to use a bit of everything, along with most inner feelings as well as thought upon the matter. Though thank you for this opinion.
Rin Bagel
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What's wrong? Elaborate.
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Can't do so... My hearts says he is mine but he says that he is not... Heart says what you want but reality is something else... But you only have to make the real world the way you want it to be...

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