Do You Follow Your Heart Or Your Head?


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One thing I've learned over the years is that heart decisions without any head based insight usually end up having to be "fixed" later on due to lack of planning or unforeseen factors.

Like Dave Ramsey says, "If you're a child living in an adult body, you're going to buy that DVD set, even though some of that money was earmarked for your housing expenses;  once that's gone, do you have a plan for making up that shortfall?"

Think about it....

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I tend to live a logical life so I'll let my mind make my decisions. It seems to be very efficacious thus, my proclivity persist. In my quote it state, "knowledge doesn't have a human heart so it cannot betray you". Human hearts are too impotent to run my life.
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Very well said! I agree with the qoute, did you make that up?
Chris ????
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It's only a sentence from my quote. And yes, it's mine. I will place the whole thing here...

"Knowledge is ones only true acquaintance. Knowledge can never betray you but provide aid. Knowledge can never render you impotent, but strengthen me. Knowledge does not posses a human heart so it is adamant". Zexion
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Use both, I've found that my intuitive gut instinct has been right more than wrong.  When I've failed to follow my intuition, I've been wrong.  After you make a decision, if you feel a burden has been lifted, then you've made the right decision.  If you are still agonizing over your decision, then perhaps you should rethink it.  Try to allow yourself enough time so that you don't have to act in haste, but if it is imperative you make the decision on the spot, follow your intuition, which is usually a balance between heart and head.
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I follow my mind. Sometimes, following your heart gets you to troubles.
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Used to follow my I follow my head first...
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Neither, I follow my gut. Straight from the hip. That's how I roll. Wait, am I mixing metaphors?
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Depending on the situation, I use one or the other, I usually use my heart when it comes to family matters, but with household matter, I use my head.
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Often times I follow my heart but there are also instances wherein I follow my head. I want to use both my head and heart when making a decision, but that would be hard to do.
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I really have trouble separating the two at times, though when that happens I think its best to listen to my gut instinct... There is a reason we have that gut feeling I think it comes from the instinct to protect ourselves and keep ourselves out of trouble... Usually heart over head though:)
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I listen to both but yes the heart tries to take over the mind most of the times.

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