What Is The Meaning Of Love, And Loving A Woman?


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Love is a feeling which can not be described in words. There are no specific rules in this world of love. It is a just go ahead thing. There are no barriers, no laws, no age limits just love.

If some words can be used to describe love is that it is a feeling from inside of you considering some one very special for you, you want that person to always closer to you, think of you and care for you because you are doing the same for that person. You even love each of that objects which is associated with that person you love. The colour that person wears becomes your favourite, the song that person listens becomes your favourite, the book that persons read becomes your favourite means everything which is that person's liking becomes yours. When that person is happy you are happy and when that person is sad you are sad too. This is some symbolic definition of love according to my perception.

Now loving a woman for a man is very much same for a woman loving a man. The style could somehow a bit different due to gender but the basic ingredients are the same. Anyhow being a man I can tell you loving a woman is the best feeling if it is full of passion and it further purifies and touches the highest levels if you receive it back from the woman you love.
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Im sorry but i had 2 say dat wat u said was so touching at the end. I was always wondering if a man loves a woman as much as a woman loves a man, since i am a woman i know how it feels and you actually could put in in words.

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