What Is The Feelings Of Women Love For Men?


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Women in nature love courage, force and determination in men. The perfect man in a woman's eye should be daring and valiant. Woman in nature scorns a coward, and she has small or no admiration for a coy man.

Woman in nature loves her noble and master. Women, who very much object to be claimed superiority, on the other hand have a high regard for men who override them, and few women would have any admiration for a man whom they could totally rule and direct.

Man is naturally the protector of woman; as the male wild animal of the jungle protects the female, so it is usual for man to guard his wife and children, and therefore woman admires those qualities in a man which make him a guardian.

Women in nature love men of power, dimension and well build, a tall, big and physically powerful man quite than a small, small and feeble man. A woman always pities a weakly man, but rarely ever has any love for him.All men would be of good size in frame and flesh, so it was not for the infirmities visited upon them by the lack of discretion of parents and intimates of generations previous to.
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I REALLY don't know its very difficult to know the feeling of a women its like a weather , changing day by day

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