Who loves sex more - men or women?


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This can only be solved if one experiences both genders: that's male and female, or this answer could be given on one's choice! I don't know really who loves sex more, I guess boys? What do you say?

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Boys are conditioned to sexualize women so I guess I have to say guys.

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The most obvious answer to this question is that men love sex more, but I think that would be jumping to conclusions.  It's difficult to know for sure, because to know the true answer you'd have to experience sex as both a male and a female.

Here are a few things to consider before making an educated guess about whether men or women enjoy sex more:

  1. Sexual preferences tend to be an individualistic thing.  Not all men enjoy certain aspects of sex, and likewise, not all women enjoy certain aspects of sex.  With this in mind, it's likely that sexual enjoyment can only be based on an individual basis rather than as a gender.
  2. Men seem to want to talk about sex more than women when they're younger, although this is NOT always the case.  I don't think this means that men enjoy sex more, however, and it's likely due to the nature of how society believes men and women SHOULD behave.  It's not "ladylike" to talk about sex.  Apparently.
  3. Men and women experience sex in vary difference ways.  Notwithstanding the obvious sexual organ differences, there are a variety of different sensations to be experienced by each gender. 

Ultimately, it's likely that men and women experience sex in different ways simply due to anatomy differences.  Whether a particular gender enjoys sex more than the other is pretty difficult to know.  I reckon it can only be observed on an individual basis, but most people tend to enjoy sex if they find the right partner.

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