Would You Be Upset If Someone Told You That You Had A Sticky Wicket?


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No, I will not be upset.
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Not at all. Maybe just annoyed. I don't particularly enjoy people badgering me about my issues.
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I do have a habit of being personal at times huh?
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I wouldn't know.
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You keep your wicket anyway you want, sticky, dry or anywhere in between. I knew it was one of your issues and sorry you took offense.
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If I knew what a Wicket was, then I may be upset. If a wicket is a handshake, then maybe I would not be upset. If a wicket is a brake on my car and it is sticky, then I would thank him for preventing a catastrophe. If a wicket was a candy bar or chewing gum, then I would be neutral, because they are indeed sticky.
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No I would not be upset....
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G'day Jackyl,

Thank you for your question.

No because I know what it means a difficult situation.

A sticky wicket was a cricket wicket that the rain had fallen on and was difficult for batsmen until they dried out. You don't get them in these days with covered pitches.


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