Is It Okay To Be Bisexual?


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There's is nothing wrong with it!! Who are we to decide what you find attractive? That's 100% completely up to you. You own your life.
As long as you know that bisexuality doesn't mean you should have sex with women when you're in a relationship with your boyfriend (unless you have an open relationship). Monogamy should still count.
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THERE IS NOTHING WRONG im a bi guy im not accepted by many people but then again i only have close friends i found out when this gay guy came up to me when i was with a few of my straight friends (no longer friends) and he kissed me we were kissing for about 15-20 secs until i pushed him away but from then on i've been attracted to guys ever since I REPEAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT and its strange but bi girls are accepted more than bi guys
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It is absolutely ok! I'm a boy who's 14 and yes I am bisexual everybody knows at my school and I don't get teased at all. I really didn't lose any friends, I just lost the people that said they were my friends. Like kiwi said who are we to decide what we are attracted to? It was kind've awkward coming out to my parents but they didn't freak out or anything (maybe I'm lucky tho) I just told them that I had something to tell them and to sit down and then I said "Mom, Dad I like boys and girls"  And they were perfectly fine with it. Don't say "Mom, dad I'm bisexual." Cause then they're gonna think that u just want attention so just say it like I said it and I'm sure u will be ok! Also, just remember friendship happens when one person says to another "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

By Rashad, have a good day and good luck!!!
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Nothing wrong.
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I'm actually dating a BI-sexual girl, and when she told me about it, after a couple of dates, i was like " m i dreaming" .
I believe you should tell your boyfriend, but don't date another women unless she is dating your man too.
That's what I'm doing with my girl.
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Well, read the Bible. Whether it is wrong or right is ur decision. All great Empires have been and they have fallen....example the Roman Empire. I believe that we can look at History and determine many things. It is a personal choice and then u MUST personally make ur religious decision for it is YOUR soul that you must be concerned with and if u think there is NO God then that is ur decision also.We will all find out in TIME.
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I am the same way as you. I have a bf, but i find women extremely attractive. There are more bi women then there are straight.
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People who are truly bisexual and not just heterosexuals playing around as if they are still teenagers, then they will soon decide whether to move into being only gay. Or, they will soon decide that they are only heterosexual. Usually, they are gays who are still in denial.
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Zahail, how the hell is it against nature 2 b bi? Oh please! U sound very immature. U shud look up the word 'bi-sexual' on 'Wikipedia'. I'm bein serious tho. Who do u think u r? I'm guessin ur quite ignorant. Rite then...i've sed my piece. Bye now :)
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It is perfectly okay to be Bisexual. I'm 11 years old and totally bisexual. Everyone knows and I haven't even been teased. It doesn't matter who you love, because that's who you are. It's not your choice to be Bisexual, it's all genetics. Being bisexual is not a reason to hate yourself, but a reason to love yourself even more than you already did. I hope that everything will be okay for you in the end!
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I don't know about okay it is not something you can hide under the carpet ,although I spent a lot of years trying to ignore it.I do not believe in openly flaunting my sexuality though.
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No I don't think it is okay. It is against nature. Man is not a pair of men and woman is not a pair of women. Don't go against the law of nature. You will always feel more pleasure with your opposite sex because they are made for each other. Just find your love and get married. You will forget about this bisexual thing.
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"It is against nature." Your against nature lad. Bi-sexuality is not limited to the human species it has been observed in many animals. Your answer stinks of religious bigotry and ignorence.
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That is the way it is supposed to be!
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Ignore those two ignorant people. It is ok to be bisexual it is who you are. It doesn't matter it's who you love not who anyone else wants you to be in love with.

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