Do Bisexuals Still Go To Heaven?


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Why do they not want to be how they are? I am bi and I still go to church because I believe in God and the heavens. I don't believe that because I find a woman attractive I'm going to hell.
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Like, hightocan, I do not understand why they would want to change who they are.
I am bisexual. I do NOT believe that I am going to hell. God is NOT testing me. He STILL loves me, because God does not make mistakes and he DID make me this way. I love God with all my heart and I know he loves me. I don't think he would condemn me just because I am different or because of one "sin".
He makes many promises in Mathew Chapter 10. You should reread it, at least as a reminder of how powerful and amazing our God is.
I believe that I will go to Heaven, if I follow his Laws as best as I can.
The Bible never gives a straight answer. I don't know why the Spirit didn't have the prophets write the Bible in black & white, but I'm trying my best to fulfill his expectations.
There will be many different responses to your questions. This is just my personal belief.
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Thanks! That really touched me.
Nancy Araujo
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I know this is old but I agree with what you've said and think it was helpful to those who don't walk around with their eyes closed. We love who we love, for whatever reason and it's not right for others to say bisexuals don't go to heaven. God loves us all and he made us so that we would pursue what we find pleasing and develop into what we are meant to be, we need to be more tolerant and let others be whatever allows them to feel fulfilled significant.
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If you stop and ask God for forgiveness
yes I believe you will go to heaven God did not make
you for another women he made you to love a man
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The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, anyone who says otherwise is not telling you the truth, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but its a sin and if you die in sin you will go to Hell, but its not to late to repent.
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As long as the person does not yield to the desires of the flesh, of course they can go to Heaven!Bisexual activity is a mortal sin, but this person is not committing any sin at all, because they are not doing it;they are not yielding to temptation and take no pleasure in it.It is not a sin to be tempted, only to give in to temptation.God gives us all trials and temptations, he made this person a bisexual for a reason.He does something to everyone to test them; perhaps this is their test.Even the great saints had temptations;even Lord Jesus himself had temptations by the devil!(Luke 4)and this is no different.As long as they do not give in to it, it is not a sin, and this is their test from God, and if they continue to refuse to yield and stick with him, he will certainly be well pleased with them.I will say a prayer for them
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Thank you so much all of you! God Bless You.
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What do you mean? That as long as they don't have sex with the same gender they'll go to heaven?
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Yes He can go to heaven but only when God forgives you. No matter how many sins you did but when you pray to God for forgiveness with intention not to do the same sin again then God can forgive you and you can go to heaven.
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My religious views are open and according to the bible god gave us Free Will.
This means that he will not hate or judge you for what ever you do.
As I am open to the concept of religion I do not believe in hell because god loves us and would not put a human in agony for eternity, the bible explain that hell is where the fallen angel, lucifer and the other third of god angel [which were fallen too] and is where they suffer an eternity being torched. In which I do not believe god would do this to anyone.

So being bisexual is perfect and if you believe strongly about god you will understand a bit more about the free will as such, and if you feel, you could also talk to god about it, I don't believe in talking to him but I'm sure if you do he will definitely listen but not always reply.
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I believe that if you have god in your heart and you do the best you can to help others and to spread his word than you are good and it doesn't matter who you love ..there are gays in the bible and people who slept with thier fathers
so do what you can to encourage and uplift others
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To the 12 year old: I'm 12, bi, and Christian! I believe I'm going to heaven (hope so anyway... It's hard to center your entire life around church). And to your question: Yes, they (we, if I'm talking about myself) will go to heaven, as long as we believe in God and have enough faith. Pray, read your Bible, and go to church. You'll still get there =)
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I don't know what religion you are but I believe that GOD forgives you for whatever you've done wrong. If you think being bi is wrong you will be forgiven. I don't think anyone goes to hell for their sexual orientation. You are who you are and GOD loves you no matter what.
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I don't know if I'm bi but I'm scared to be. You can't help being bi and god knows I'm saying I do think god will forgive you.
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I don't know but I'm 12 and I know that I'm bi and I'm scared because I don't want to go to hell and gods in my heart100 percent.
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Pardon the phrase. HELL NO,that just bullsh**t if your god hates bisexurals then why in the f**k did he make us that way
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Hte other answer is copletely true god made all people equal and if it was wrong then we wouldnt exist...
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In Gods eyes sin is sin, no sin is worse than another sin.
God loves you so much if you want to know the truth about what you are doing if it is right or wrong in Gods eyes, go somewhere quite close your eyes and ask God what he thinks of what you are doing.
No body has the right to judge you but they might really care about you and want the best for you. Speak to maybe your pastor or an elder of the church, its ok to be curious about things God did make us human, but do what you really know the right thing to do is.
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That is complete and utter religious hogwash from hypocritical idiots.
If you believe in a god, we are supposed to be made in gods image!

Everybody is born bisexual to some degree including you!

Everybody is, and should be treated as socially equal, whatever their gender or sexual orientation, only an individual can decide the strength of their feelings for either desire side!
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Like Justice14 said if your giving into temptation your not going to hell. But I personally believe that you should be yourself but if you truly worship and love god and jesus why are you hurting them by being a homosexual or a bisexual. You make think its no one out there for you but I can surely tell you it is. If you can't find anyone where you live join the military. Active duty and there are LOTS of races out there for you.
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Wow!!! Ok
well here is what I believe, bi-sexuals do go to heaven, there's a lot places on the bible where it says one guy had 3 to 4 women and believe me they had sex together and gave many children to one men, so please....
Everyone in this world would go to heaven if they know why Jesus Christ came to this world.

If they believe in him. So just be your self.

I believe gay ppl, don't go to heaven.
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Nancy Araujo
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seems like a contradiction to me, bisexuals get to go to heaven but not gays? Why is that? There are gay people who believe in God, they're his children too it's just that society has decided that what goes on in their bedrooms is everyone's business. The bible teaches us that it's a sin for us to judge others. None of us is without some guilt and we all sin. And we are not the ones to decide who He deems worthy; we sin when we discourage our gay or bisexual beings from worshipping and believing in God. Wish we could all accept each other as unique and individuals, yet similar and related just the same.
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Certainly not, whatever religious nuts say against bisexual or gay people is 100% wrong.
We are all gods children, whoever your god may be, and everyone is born with the genetic make up that determines their sexual orientation!
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I keep an open mind about that....I believe that if you think it is alright with god then it is....god is very flexible and loves you no matter what

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