Can I Get Cancer By Having Sex With An Infected Person?


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Breast cancer is not an infectious disease. While you can have sex and kiss her with no chance of being infected, you might want to hold her and tell her you'll be there for her during her treatment process. It's a tough road to recovery and she will need all the support you can give her.
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In breast cancer, there is an abnormal increase in breast
cells, resulting in cancerous tumor. Breast cancer is not contagious. These are only rumors and misconceptions. Sex, and kissing with affected lady will not harm you. It is also not transferred though saliva. Breast cancer in one woman cannot affect others.  Generally, risk factors of breast cancer are age, family history, mutations of genes, early start of menstruation, continuation of periods after the age of 50, fatty diets, not having children, first children after 30 years of age, and obesity etc.

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