Is There Anybody Else Who Is Scared Of Heaven?


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I'm assuming that you believe in Heaven, since you posed this question. After pondering these thoughts, I think the only misgivings you should have concerning going to Heaven would probably be not having enough time before you go to complete more of the work the Lord has for you, or not utilizing the time you have here properly to please Him.    Through Jesus, all things were created. That includes you and me. When God designed us, he created in us the ability to experience emotions; including love, happiness, humor, and excitement. We enjoy pride (not in a sinful way) of knowing when we gave our best effort at performing a task, gratification when we accomplish something (even more so when we recognize Him for the credit), and exhilaration after physical activity. We also enjoy tantalizing flavors, pleasing aromas, physical touches, and relaxing breezes.    We get to enjoy all of this, even though we have broken bodies, broken relationships, anger, and disappointments.  Jesus promised that He was going to prepare a place for us. If He created all these possibilities for us here on earth with all of these negative influences, I can't even imagine the possibilities of enjoyment waiting for us there... After all, He created everything in 6 days, including the marvels of the universe that we haven't even considered, yet He's been gone almost 2000 years readying a place that He calls paradise! We're promised no more sickness, pain, sadness, or fears, and the love we have to share and experience will no longer be subject to our human confines and be boundless, plus we'll be given the understanding through His love of all the things we don't understand now that confuse, trouble, and hurt us now. And to be in His presence, we'll be able to experience first hand spiritually, physically, and emotionally the love He has for us that we can now only get a glimpse of.    If you can experience happiness now, just think what you can do there!
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Emanuel Watkins answered
No, its is the least scariest place in the universe, unless you are Satan or a demon. Or unless you are rejected by God in Judgement. Thats when it becomes scary.
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Doris answered
No...heaven is a GOOD, loving place. Nothing scary about there...just enjoy life all you can first.
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Timothy mullins answered
Why are you scared of hevean because I'm not god tells alittle about what heaven is like in the book of revelation.its nothing to be afraid of though it his his place.
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Joan answered
I fail to be able to understand why anyone would be afraid of Heaven. Heaven has all the good things we can possibly imagine, and more than it is possible for our human minds to comprehend. All of our loved ones and friends that have gone before us await our arrival (unless, of course, we are sent to the depths of hell). Hell is what you should be afraid of, not Heaven! Never again will we be sick, or tired, or frustrated, or fearful, or have feelings of loneliness, never again will we feel depressed or unloved or...I could go on, but just know that when the Great Creator and our Savior of the universe builds us a Heavenly Home, it will be something that is full of good cheer and love. Be not afraid!!!

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