Is It A Sin To Be Bisexual?


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It is not a sin to be bisexual. It is good in a way because it means that you might um love everybody. That's good.
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NO it certainly is not, everybody is born bisexual to some degree including you!

Most people choose their most dominant desire side, some deny their most dominant side, even to themselves!

Some, for social and/or family reasons, try to go with the least dominant side but end up having to admit reality!

Everybody is, and should be treated as socially equal, whatever their gender or sexual orientation, only an individual can decide the strength of their feelings for any desire side!
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Yes it is a sin to love who ever you chose
Love is Love...there are no boundaries
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Yeah but diddnt jesus die on the cross for our sins ?
Idk im bi but im scared to go to hell thats why i dont want a relationship with a girl but i do anways but im yound right now so im not worried about it plus i think god loves everybody and if your a good person in general you will go to heaven just dont go murder someone or rape someone lol .
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Honey. God make it clear in His word that no one will enter the gates of Heaven with sin in their hearts. He did die for our sins. But we are to confess our sins and ask God into our hearts. Then we allow Him to rule over our lives. He will change our hearts. Then He asks us to sin no more. This is very difficult. That is why He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us. It is a daily and deliberate walk with Him. I have been a Christian many years. It is still a daily walk with Him.
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For's not.. As long as you don't hurt other people's feelings..

But on the other hand..

According to the Bible..

It is a sin..

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