What Is The Difference Between A Bisexual And A Metrosexual?


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The terms bisexual and metrosexual have very different meanings.

A bisexual is someone who is sexually interested in members of both sexes (therefore the prefix bi- meaning 'two').

The term 'metrosexual' was coined as a combination of the words 'metropolitan' and 'sexual' as humorous reference to the often sexually-ambiguous trends and stylings that men living in large metropolitan cities adhere to.

What is a bisexual? Bisexuality refers to someone whose sexual relationships and behaviour are directed at both men and women.

Although bisexuality has been present throughout human history and is also found in the animal kingdom, the term 'bisexual' wasn't actually invented until the 19th century.

Related terms coined at the same time include heterosexual - someone who is sexually interested in the opposite sex, and homosexual - someone who is sexually interested in the same sex.

What is a metrosexual? The term metrosexual was originally used by journalist Mark Simpson in an article he wrote for The Independent newspaper. In the original article, Simpson described metrosexuals as a marketing demographic that comprised 'single young men with disposable income that lived in a large city like London (where all the best shops are)'.

The idea took off in popularity when Simpson used the term to refer to David Beckham as an example of the metrosexual man.

In relation to sexuality, Simpson decided that the metrosexual was not necessarily straight, gay or bisexual - but was simply in search of pleasure.

What makes a man metrosexual? The trademark of a metrosexual man is definitely his appearance, and more specifically his hair and skin. An entire market has been created to cater for the appearance-conscious male, with everything from 'guyliner' to 'male exfoliants' being a staple of a metrosexual's bathroom shelf.

Other fields identified to be of interest to the metrosexual include:
  • Fashion trends
  • Physical fitness
  • Popular culture
  • Food
  • Home décor
  • Technology and gadgets
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Will Martin answered
If you are bisexual it means you are attracted to both men and women - as opposed to homosexual, which means you definitely prefer your own sex, or heterosexual, which means you are attracted only or mainly to the opposite sex (from the Greek words homo, "same" and heteros, "different."

The word metrosexual is a joke, or play on words based on the words "heterosexual" and "metropolitan" which means relating to a metropolis or capital city.

The idea is that there is a certain type of very modern, sophisticated man, who you would mainly find in fashionable capital cities like New York or London, who likes to play around with traditional gender roles. He isn't worried if people don't think he's "masculine" enough or that anyone might think he's gay (he usually isn't; he just doesn't mind what people think.)

A metrosexual man may dress in a flamboyant style and have some ways of speaking and acting that aren't typically "manly;" often he does this partly for a joke.

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are two men who have been descibed as "metrosexual."

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