What Is The Difference Between A Creche And A Nursery?


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The main difference is basically how long a child spends in the creche and the age of the children.
A nursey may take a child all day and from as little as 3 months. A creche on the other hand, may have an age limit (usually around two years old) and is only occasional care. Occasional care means that a child would only go there for say two or three hours, often whilst the parents are on site and may be involved in a particular activity. For example, some creches operate at gyms, so if a person is going to have a session at the gym, they can drop their child off at the creche and then pick them up once they have finished.
In the UK all creches have to register with Ofsted if they operate for more than two hours per day. All nurseries are registered with Ofsted as a matter of course.

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