Which One Of The Following Types Of Child Care Does Not Occur In A Home Setting With Home Activities?


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Childcare which does not occur in a home setting could be:

  • Playgroup
  • Creche
  • Nursery
  • School
  • Nanny care outside of the home
Many of these types of childcare will attempt to implement some sort of home activity in order to better resemble conditions of the home. These will vary with the child's age: In playgroup, young children will play much as they would at home; in nursery children may have a nap, or brief sleep, to break the day up. These activities, and the efforts to promote similarities to the home, are to help children adjust to life away from their homes and parents.

The other types of childcare - such as a creche - will also include activities similar to those found in the home, but these will depend on the age of the child, as they are not limited by age.

Nanny care is slightly different. Usually, a child who is cared for by a Nanny will have been cared for by the same person since a very young age. As they grow older, they will develop an attachment with the Nanny, and will feel comfortable in their presence. This means the Nanny can venture away from the home with child, and the child will still be comfortable as the Nanny is their anchor to the home.

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