Are you considered a tomboy or a girly girl if you are a girl? For guys, what are you considered as? Metrosexual or are you feminine?


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Ha - there could only be one answer for that and it's a tomboy lol.I've been one since I was before a teenager and my interests like sports and rock music are hardly girly.While my fashion style is Bohemian Gothic which isn't really regarded as girly either as the genre evolved from bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure.The only time you'll see me dressed "girly" is for work and that's because I have to look professional lol.
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I am neither tomboy nor girly girl, I guess I may be in between? I can be a girl at times, but being a girl is exhausting, so, no I ain't always a girl either. These words, to me, are just stereotypes. You can't describe your whole being in one word.

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There isn't really any 'girly girl' in me, so I'm a tomboy and always have been. My mother always hated it, and still does. The most girly I'll get is wearing khakis and one of my plaid shirts pretty much. I have a love for everything people would typically call 'boyish', but who cares. I like it and that's all that matters. Motocross racing, muddin', and trucks are my things. I've even had people start stuff about me when I was in grade school because of how I am. Whether you're a girly girl or a tomboy, embrace it and don't worry about what the others think. It's who you are and obviously don't change it because someone may not like it:)

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Tomboy... But grew out of it. I dress really professional now. I love skirts. However, I love shorts and a t-shirt on weekends. So, I really don't know. I'm both at the end. WOW, I just realized how complicated I am. LoL!!! XD

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