How Girly Are You?


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I   am  not  too  girl  being  a  man  but  will  admit  that  I like  to  do  things  
that  are  mostly  done  with  females ..Such  as  Cooking , Dying  my hair, Perming my hair
Sweeping  the  floors , Moping the floors ..I  learned  things from my  late  mother and  grandmother cause  my  dad was not  much  of  a    father-figure  so  I never  learned  anything  that men know like  fixing  cars  , changing cars  oil , etc
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Jillian Peppe answered
Lol, I just took the test and this was my results, not that shocking.....haha!!  =D
You Are 68% Girly
You're a pretty girly chick, and you're not ashamed to admit it (or wear pink).
But you're also practical. You can hang with the guys, as long as they're not too gross!
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Cati Davies answered
Oh my god silly question I am so girly its unreal
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kayla miles answered
I kinda am like I'm a cheerleader but I want to fight half the chicks on mi team
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Merlin Paine answered
Not very much at all...I am not as masculine as some but I am about average for a guy
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Jack Mahon
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Your answer is right on. Oh, and before I forget, my wife wants to thank you for lending her your pair of lavender pumps. She said they "made the outfit." I'll mail them back this week in case you have some event coming up.
Merlin Paine
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Very funny
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Chuck Bim answered
I'm s girl but on face book I answers a question if you girl y and I was 8 percent girl y and I don't really have a fashion sense
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Annie Devore answered
That's Odd.. I Got 15%.. I Don't Wear Dresses. I Don't Have High Heeled Shoes. I Have Only 2  Eye Shadows.. 3 Pairs Of Shoes  I Have No Mascara.. No Lipstick..  Just 2 Lip Glosses.  2  Nail Polishes I Love To Get Dirty. I Love To Hold Snakes And Mice And I Have A Hormone Imbalance. I Thought I'd Get Like 5 Or 6 Percent. Guess You Never Know..I Do Color My Hair And  Wear Mariah Carey Perfume.. Nothing Scares Me I Guess Because I Been Reading Stephen King For Over 15 Years.. And Read Ann Rule True Crime Books
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Stephen King .. I have yet to read his books. Which one should I start with?
Annie Devore
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I Don't Know Where To Start. I Own 17 Of His Books And Have Read About 31.. He Has Written Around 50 The First One I Read Was "Salem's Lot" This Man Writes With A Very Vivid Imagination.. He Has Had Movies Made From His Books.. You Can Probably Find Lots Of Them At The Library Or Like On Amazon .com He's Been Writing Since The 80's I Think.. And He's Still At It.. His Books Are Horror.
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Thank you so much, I'll have to start reading right away. Have you heard of Ray Bradbury?
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Without taking the test - Growing up I was always called a TomBoy, and I am not the least bit girly when it comes to fashion sense - I don't have any.
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Jack Mahon answered
Oh I'm so happy you asked that question. I don't know how girly I am, but I just found out I'm with child. Wait till I tell my wife. It almost sounds like a bible story doesn't it? . Will wonders never cease?
YATHI RAJU answered
As I am a man Ido not know how girly I am ! What is the yardstick for your question ?
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I saw a question on yahoo answers and decided to ask you guys. It's not too much of a reason, I know.

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