Is Sexual Fantasy A Sin?


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According to the Catholic church,is sexual fantasy ok?or is it a sin that needs to be confessed?And is it ok to use your hand?

Sexual fantasizing and masturbation are sinful. They come under the category of 'mortal sin'. When done deliberately with full consent and knowledge of the gravity of their sinfulness, they are gravely offensive to God and must be confessed in confession. For someone who has a habit of masturbation which is difficult to control, their consent may be reduced. There are many other factors which could reduce the level of consent for committing a sin. Sexual fantasies are of course a part of our natural instinct. They would only constitute grave sinfulness when you have full conscious awareness that you are having them, and you deliberately choose to entertain them having fully contemplated on their sinfulness. When there is any degree of doubt regarding the sinfulness of an action, the action cannot be considered sinful. I know nothing about your particular situation, but it is important not to get too scrupulous or anxious regarding these issues, especially if you are someone who genuinely loves God and who takes your religion and God's laws seriously. God understands how powerful a person's sex drive is and how much temptation it can cause. God has such endless, infinite love for all of us. He does not want us to develop the wrong image of him, but instead to realize that he is our loving Father.
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Any catholic priest will tell you that even the pope has sexual fantasies. Our minds are not always under our control ,especially when we are sleeping or day dreaming. It is totally natural to have these fantasies. What the church forbids is covetousness of another mans wife. This is a deliberate fixation and envy of another mans wife. Acts such as masturbation and the fantasies that accompany them are seen mainly as acts of impurity. But that is not sinful either. Ps even the pope goes to confession.
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I don't see it as being a sin because everyone fantizes and the using your hand thing totally normal you have to do something to relieve yourself...everyone has masturbated at one point and time in there life
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I always have thoughts of things, but I keep them as clean as possible.
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Yes but don't worry about it.
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Sexual Fantasies are bad if you do it consistently while masturbating for four times a day ( that would suck) do it very seldom at least a christian friend of mine told me.

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