Is Being Gay A Sin?


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There are always people out there that will think that everything is wrong. Being gay is not a sin. It's found in the animal kingdom, among reindeer, seals, whales, horses, dogs, and many other animals. This is especially prominent when there is an overpopulation of a species (as with human beings now). If you believe in a God that people say things homosexuality is a sin, why would he create animals that do it? One's sexual orientation doesn't make them any less of a good and worthy person, unless they're hurting someone (like rapists or pedophiles). If you're giving genuine love and respect, it's good, no matter who it's directed toward.
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That's what some people say. I like people for who they are at least their not being someone their not. I feel like the person is being real with everybody and only that with themselves. In my religion, it would be considered a sin
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Is being Gay a sin? Simply being attracted to the same sex isn't a sin. I a straight man can look at a pretty women and be attracted to her and that is not a sin. If i have a thought of having sex with this women in my mind that is not a sin, but what is a sin is having the sexual thought in my head and wanting to do it is a sin. Jesus said if you comment it in your heart its the same as doing it. Sex is a gift from God that only a man and a women in marriage may partake. What im saying is that if you are attracted to the same gender that is not a sin. When the devil puts a sexual thought in your mind and you agree with it, in other words you want to do it that is a sin. Pray, God can change all things. Work at it. It can be done. I am proof. God can change you from same sex thoughts to Gods design male-female marriage. It feels so good to be changed. You'll never truly be happy away from God's plan
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In my opinion an adult person may have any life style they desire,as long as it doesn't infringe on anyone elses space,live and let live. I would say its not,but the church goers seem to think it is,well who cares what they think, Be true to yourself and @*&$)(@# everybody else
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Being Gay is not a sin...Y would it be....if you like men then thats your business and if you like women its still your business

God will love you nomatter what....we are all his children...

Technically its a sin to have sex b4 your married or 18 but people do that all the time

So No i would have to say being gay is not a sin

And men are so wack when they say being gay is a sin just cuz they dont like it but if it was a bisexual female then theyd be all for it

Fn losers

Be what you wanna be is all i can say

God still loves you
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It's only a sin if you follow a religion that indoctrinates it as one.
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Then y r u in this category if u think it is a sin......rn't u committing one right now for being out here....what a hipocritt u r.......go on now...get up on out of here.....
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Your comments are illogical. Any question deserves more than one answer, and in the case of a question like this you can only make an informed decision by looking at both sides. At any rate, I do not personally think it is a sin, but if you follow a religion that states that is is one, then for you it would be a sin.
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There is no sin outside of a religious context. Many religions don't believe it's a sin, but people who follow Abrahamic religons mostly believe it is. In a secular context, it's not a sin. Some might not like it, but that's up to them. No one is forcing them to be homosexual.

It's a biological fact which occurs in all mammals, and the best science right now says it's genetic. Most LGBT people are born to heterosexual people, so it has nothing to do with child-rearing practices. I don't believe in any of those books, so I can't see why people are so het up about what sex partner, position, fetish, nor desire s/he has, as long as everything is between consenting people.
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No sin is greater than the next sin it goes back in Roman times when these things use to happen it has been going on for years like everything else has been going on but in different ways. God can only judge you.
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To some people and religions, Yes. But I don't think it should be a sin. It's a life style of many people, and they should live their life without being told that what they are is a sin.
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My comment was very logical and it applies to all who read it, so I ask you again why r u in this category site?
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Yes being gay is a sin if you think so just until you die and you
will go straight to hell with the other gay people

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