Should Gay People Be Able To Raise Kids?


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Absolutely gay people should be able to raise children. And they do, everywhere. While some might point to obscure lines in their Bible (and most who do do not fully understand what is being said because of translation) and buy into misunderstanding of scriptures that has nothing to do with the ability of a loving, devoted human being in raising a beautiful child. Because love and nurturing does not know gay or straight. Many self-proclaimed Christians would like you to believe being gay is a terrible sin. That is just not based on the Bible, which makes it clear issues like adultery, murder, not honouring your parents are the sins. But most of these self-proclaimed Christians would allow an adulterer or someone that doesn't love their own parents to raise a child. Just more evidence how this issue has been convoluted by people who want to use it to their narrow advantage and disregard reality and what love is all about.
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Research was reported this week on national news broadcasts that:
1.  Same-gender couples equally share the nurturing of the children; that means that the child gets time with BOTH parents rather than most of the time with just one, the mother.

2.  Same-gender couples speak more calmly to deal with problems; that means the child isn't faced with fighting, yelling, screaming, etc that cause lifelong emotional scars.

3.  Same-gender couples show gentle affection to their children as well as each other; that means that children not only know but in their hearts, they feel the love more often when hugged, tapped on the shoulder, smiled at, often told the words "I love you."  And, that the children know that their parents love each other and are not afraid to say "I love you" in front of the kids or to share a big hug and sweet kiss before day is done and before walking out the door at dawn, or hold hands ... Same-gender couples, unlike opposite-gender couples usually give up the romantic stage after a quick "honeymoon"---their affectionate moments can be in public without fear. How many children or teens question whether their parents love each other?

4  Children in same-gender homes are more calm and stable because of the wonderful nurturing when compared to the percentage of the others.

Yes, more and more gay couples, who wish to, should be given the right to adopt children, or birth their own, for the benefit of the children and their own lives and hearts too.
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First off
the people who said it will effect children are stupid
second off
it will not hurt children what so ever
my friend is straight
her mom is a lesbian
her father is gay
[do not ask....I couldn't figure it out either]
there is NO problem with any child being raised by a homosexual family
it doesn't do anything to them
it shows them that anyone can get along
and plus
I was raised by straight parents
they are christains
I am bisexual
I am not confused
and no they are not bad parents
it doesn't matter where you are brought up
it is actually just a psychological thing,
for your information
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Yes!!!; If they are "deemed" fit parents. It is true that the majority in this country and around the world don't believe in equal rights for all especially to those that they see as inferior         and/or sins. Some of the people legitimately don't like homosexuals (like a cat doesn't like a mouse or one race doesn't like another) and it has nothing to do with religion. But sometimes people are just homophobes. But sadly the majority of the world doesn't like homosexuals because their religion as their God and/or "supposed" authors of their scripture deem it a sin and an abomination. They hate out of blind faith, bigotry and sometimes fear for that is what their bastard God(s) tell them to believe. They do what their religion tells them to in blind faith; always having to consult it (not always a bad thing) and are MOSTLY incapable of making their own decisions. They strip some people of their rights and even sometimes their right to live.         They will soon get what they deserve as all things work in the end for the better. But in the end the question remains SHOULD HOMOSEXUALS BE ABLE TO RAISE KIDS and the answer is YES!!!!! Most homosexual couples would make just as good parents as heterosexual couples for they are just two people who love each other and want to engage in the task of raising another human being and sharing their love with it. Someone's genitals, sexual preference and race, etc shouldn't determine whether they get to raise a child or not. The factors should be whether that person(s) is emotionally, "spiritually", physically, financially and mentally able to take care or and raise another human being(s) and whether that person's lifestyle is "child-friendly" meaning whether the child would be in danger or not. A homosexual lifestyle is not a life-threatening danger to a child and is perhaps a better environment for a child to live in than one of a heterosexual couple where one or both of the parents is a drunk, yells and is abusive, neglects their children and their responsiblities to them, mentally unstable, into "abusive" drugs, "mentally inept",etc. If a person(s) is truly a loving, caring, kind, responsible person(s) and wants "nothing more" than to raise a child the same way and watch them grow into the same kind of human being then they should be able to adopt; and thats what really matters and if a person(s) God(s) doesn't see or believe that then they should not be worshipped and listened to. As for the homosexual couples can't naturally create children that is true but there are lots of heterosexuals couple that can't create children because of one reason or another. Remember TREAT YOURSELF AND ALL OTHER LIFEFORMS OF THIS AND EVERY WORLD WITH LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS AND ADMIRATION. LIVE IN PEACE NOT WAR, AND HATRED.                                                                                                                                                                                                         OPEN YOUR MIND AND THE TRUTHS SHALL BE REVEALED TO YOU                                             JOIN YOUR VOICE WITH MINE AND WE SHALL SING PEACE EVERLASTING
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Yes,I am a lesbian and want to adopt.I think kids are happy when they feel loved. I mean imagine if the kids adopted are already gay or lesbian.
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Yes, love is needed. But you can't ASSUME that that child is already or will be 'Gay' the what the heck theory is not good.
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Gays should have the right to raise kids ,they couldn't do any more hard then heterosexuals who have cause more pain to kids, then any one divorce and child abuse are previlant in hetro marriages more than in the gay and lesbian community.

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