Are There Websites For Gay Teenagers?


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Dealing with your sexuality, whether you are straight or gay, is difficult for all young teenagers. If you are looking for support when thinking about your sexuality, then there are a number of people and places you can turn to.

If you’re looking for information online, there are plenty of websites that offer advice when it comes to sexuality. Sites such as Sex Etc ( have a range of frequently-asked questions along with facts, figures and advice. They also have forums so that you can ask your own personal questions (anonymously if you like) and get responses from trained advisors as well as teenagers sharing similar experiences. ( also offers a website that is dedicated to helping teenagers with any questions and queries they have about their sexuality. There is always an advice advisor online to talk to.

If you’d rather speak directly to someone over the phone, rather than type all your queries, then there are a number of hotline numbers you can call. Teenline Online ( are just one of many organisations that offer phone advice. Talking on the phone can help you be more honest about your situation. If you don’t have the time to think about and type out your responses with the opportunity to delete anything you might say, you are more likely to speak straight from your heart and your head.

While asking questions and looking at stories by people in a similar situation can help you figure out your mindset on an anonymous level. It is still so important to talk to somebody you trust about what is going through your head. Talking about sexuality is a topic many people find uncomfortable, but once you take that first step, you’ll release that it really was nothing to worry about. You do not have to deal with things on your own and it is easy to get support; talking to friends or family is another great way to find the support you need.
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None. It's illegal
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My friend is gay, but the difficulty is that he is also a teenager. Where should he look for a pair for himself? Here is an overview that helped him with this. Getting to know a gay person, it becomes much easier than before, if in doubt, go to the review. The friend is already happy in their relationship.

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There is none per se as theres probably too many legalities here especially with laws governing minors
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Should you really be asking this y r you on here if your not 13 and if your trying to be funny ha ha ha youre hilarious not! 
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Your way too young to consider yourself attracted to the same sex.
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Who are you to say decide that? If you're against ANYONE that is attracted to the same sex then mind your own business and stay out of it. You have no authority to say how someone can think of feel.

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