Can You Get Pregnant After Having Sex While On Your Period?


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Yes. Sperm can stay alive in the woman's body for up to seven days. This means that it can actually be quite tricky for a woman to identify exactly which "event" caused her to become pregnant.

Moreover, it means that you can get pregnant even if you have sex on your period. This is because ovulation is unpredictable. Most women ovulate right in the middle of their cycle, so on day 14 after her period started, and day 14 before her next period is due. If a woman's cycle is other than the mythical 28 days, the best guess is that she will ovulate on day 14 before her period is due. However, the human body doesn't like to be so predictable. So woman can and often do ovulate a few days (or more) before or after when they might expect to.

This is why "the rhythm method" doesn't work. A woman can have unprotected sex on day 3 of her cycle (still in mid-flow) and then get pregnant if she ovulates just a few days earlier than expected.
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I really don't want to answer this question but chatter is right I am a nurse, you can't get pregnant while you are on your period. You could but it is very unlikely. Your body is cleaning out the egg and the uterus's readiness for a baby with your period so it is very unlikely you can get pregnant, but still don't take the chance, use a condom.
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Yes you can if you don't use protection.
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Anonymous answered know it can happen anytime ..even if your not on your period...
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Yes you can, the chances are small but still a chance.
Sort of like the women you hear that get pregnant on the "pill."
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YES YOU CAN , I have a 13 years old to prove it. I thought the same thing.
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Yeah;just because your bleeding don't mean your exempt;
keep playing like this you will be a momma in no time honey!
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You can get pregnant anytime you have unprotected sex! Just because you're bleeding doesnt mean the sperm will flow out with it..(:

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