Can you get pregnant while you are on your period?


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Yes it is very likely to get pregnant when your on your menstrul cycle. My cousin was on her period, she ya know did it, and she is now pregnant.

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The safest answer to give you is YES - you can get pregnant on your period - but saying that’s less likely. I’ll tell you why.

Women ovulate once a month and when that happens your ovary releases an egg into your fallopian tube where it can survive for about 24 hours.  There it lies in wait for the sperm to fertilise it....

Meanwhile back at the uterus a lining is building getting ready to a welcome any egg that has been fertilised  preparing a place for an embryo to grow and the woman to become pregnant. If the egg doesn’t get fertilised.  The lining of the uterus and the egg gets released through the vagina. This is when you bleed on your monthly period (called menstruation)

The majority of women have a cycle of 28 days. The first day of your period counts as day one of the cycle. You ovulate about half way through.  If you happen to have a short cycle or a long cycle this can mess things up and you could still get pregnant while you are bleeding.

Check out this short video which makes it very clear!

I think relying on having sex during your period as a your only means of birth control  is too risky!

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You are most likely to get pregant if you have sex.

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It is a possibility. Many ovulate att the same time during their Menstrual Cycle. It is just sex and if sperm gets into an egg your pregnant honey..Good Luck

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I don't think so no.

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