How Can I Tell If A Girl Is Trying To Steal My Boyfriend?


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Sometimes that's a hard  I had a friend that was trying to talk me into being with other men and the whole time she would twist around what I had said about what she wanted me to do and would tell my hubby that I was doing it and it eventually split my hubby and I up.    She was infact married to one of my hubby's good friends and to get away from him she told him that her and my hubby had slept together.  Big MESS! But then he saw what kind of person she was and found out what she had done. We are now back together but we had to learn that big lesson the hard way.  Good Luck and I hope everything works out for you.
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Well there are obvious signs, like hardcore staring at him, trying to get you and him over with, and the girl is probably going to try to get all 3 of you to go out somewhere, 3 IS A CROWD, things might get ugly
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Chicks can be scandalous creatures when we want to be...I have to look at things like this or I'll go nuts....#1 if he cheats on me with me friend then I don't deserve that #2 I don't need a friend like her #3 you deserve someone who is going to be faithful to you and someone that you can your friend flirting' with your man just a lil too much?....being' a chick myself we can kinda tell when another female is being' too friendly to our man....
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Id say back off. He's probably your world and you love him  so much
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Girls can be discreet, that's for sure, but not when they're really young. She'll giggle or flirt a lot when he's around (flirting should be a no go area between friends and boyfriends) but the question should be... Is he returning the favour?

If she calls herself a friend of yours, you need to know, if she is flirting or trying to win him over, that she's not really a friend and you should chuck her. But if he's returning the favour, he's just as guilty as she is.

This is not a comfortable situation. I understand your anger but it is, it would seem, part of life these days. People just have no respect for someone else s relationship.

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She flirts with him a lot.
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Oh it wont be that hared to tell. Look at the way she is when shes around him. And look at the way they both are.. You can tell ask questions.. See whats on her mind .it isn't that hard not to see this.   Take care

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