How To Tell If A Girl With A Boyfriend Likes You?


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YES!! She so likes you but you can't ask her out yet unless she breaks up with her bf - you don't want her cheating ...
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Even if she does, which is highly possible from what you have said, don't do anything till she has finished with her current boyfriend. It's not fair! If she likes you that much she will sort things out so she can be with her. Til the just sit back and do nothing.

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Hey you know what it does sound like she likes you BUT!!! Think about this if she is doing this to her boyfriend don't you think she'd do it to you? I mean on the real SOME girls are like this so here's an advice forget her and tell her boyfriend whats going on and ditch the hoe haha
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Wait until she breaks up with her boy friend. You may be just an experimental game for her so don't trap yourself. It might create problem for you. I guess some really bad girl is after you.
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OK tell me what does she do with her bf??? If she dosnt do munch with her bf then she likes but don't ask her out til she is done with her bf
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Of course she likes you - she wouldn't do stuff like that if she didn't like you. The problem is, she could be playing a bit of a game, and you don't want to be the one who ends up hurt. She may be wanting to make her bf jealous to get more attention from him, or maybe she doesn't want to be with him any more but hasn't got the nerve to leave him when she hasn't got another man on the horizon. Either way, I would play it very cool if I were you. Don't encourage her. Just treat her as if she was your sister or another friend, otherwise you could end up in big trouble. It is not unheard of (ie quite common) for girls to tell their bf that so-and-so tried to come on to them, just to provoke their bf into confronting another man - some women secretly love a punch-up, or even just to get a reaction of possessiveness from their otherwise level-headed or unemotional bf. Don't be a pawn in her game - I'm sure that's what it is. No need to be unfriendly, just be aware of the dangers.
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Sound like yes she likes you but don't react to her it's not fair for you or the other guy. If it comes up while talking to her then tell her there can be nothing as long as she is in a relationship. You will cause much drama in your life if you react. Second if she does it to him and you become in a relationship will it happen with you too. Be careful. Guys are not always the only ones that can be dogs.
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It is entirely possible that she does like you. It is also entirely possible that she is simply using you to make her current boyfriend jealous. She may be thinking that she and her boyfriend may break up soon and she wants to have you on the "waiting list". I will tell you that she may be showing her true colors. She is not loyal to the boy she is dating. Is that the type girl you want for a girlfriend? If she is not faithful to one boy, she probably will not be faithful to the next. A word to the wise & something to think about.....
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Its a good chance or shes just a big flirt or trying to start something with her boyfriend here so theres no real telling but leave it alone
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Look, she is happy with her guy-relationship and maybe wants you to be happy too. It's simply called, sharing the happiness or natural high that I am on. Maybe she knows-thinks she is hot-stuff and that you will get such a thrill from her flirting with you, that you will have to log-on and ask this question online. Their are different people in this world and different reasons for doing the things they do. Both Girls and Guys can be Flirts. Sometimes it's better to just acknowledge that fact and be on your merry way...

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