How Do I No If Its Over If My Boyfriend Is Ignoring My Calls?


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Me and my friend who offered his love and wishes to have heavy sex with me is in a regular marriage and Iam separated. We have been good friends for over  years 11 years now and he knows all about my circumstances and has been great help . He is a super cop posted in a risky area handling guerrila outfits. Its been a pattern that he would call in frequently but would always respond if there was a note of desperation from my side . But for the past two months everything has stopped  I have on and off sent him smss , but no reply, its all dead silence. The circumstances are such that we can't have sex because he is encircled by his security man all the time . Yet we did a lot of friendly and emotional talking with plans to be together somewhere in future and now I don't know he doesn't answer, Iam afraid to call lest he cuts off the phone.What do I do?
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He either is dumping you in a child-like way or is trying to manipulate you so you go crawling back to him.  Both show bad character and a need to mature before having any type of serious relationship.  Just assume its over and stop trying to contact him and if he tries to get you back it will be up to you if you want him back.
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There are other ways to ask him if its no and he's IGNORING you then let it go and move on
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If your b/f is ignoring your calls, I think it's pretty safe to assume it's over. If he still wanted a relationship, he would talk to you.
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If it may happens regular
try with other number if it so repeats he just moving away from you
to lead to his life ignores you

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