My Boyfriend Calls Me Names But Says He Is Joking, Am I Over Reacting?


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I dated a guy years ago who liked to make me mad all the time for no reason. Turns out he was doing drugs and cheating on me behind my back...needless to say, it didn't work out. My point is, men like that are losers and not worth your time. They will never treat you the way you are NOT overreacting...this name-calling thing is just the tip of the ice-burg. I'm sure there are more just as charming character traits lurking just beneath the surface.
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If your boyfriend loves you he should never say mean things to you joking or not, If a Man truly loves you he is going to say good things about you like "Your the most beautiful girl in the world." You know you can try this say something really mean to him like "Well you have a small penis." And see how he reacts if he acts hurt or pissed even say "Nah just messing." Then say "Now you know how it feels for me when you call me fat or ugly." See if that helps. Good Luck.
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WOAHH ! Are You SERIOUS!??! If He's Saying Even If He Says Hes Kidding
I Would Kick His Ass , But Thats Me. I Would Say To Him Something Back
Say *Hey, don't Be Mad At Me because Your Dick Is 12 in. Inverted. Ohh Burnn !
Give Him a lil Tastee  Of Itt !!
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Why are you with this guy?  Do you know that there are actual nice guys out there that will NEVER call you a name?  Do you know that these nice guys want to attend to your needs and face life as a couple?  There are nice guys for whom infidelity, much less talk of other women, is a foreign to them as Mandarin Chinese (given that they don't know Mandarin Chinese, of course).

I have never understood why some women stick with guys like that.  I'm one of these nice guys, but it seems the nice girls all like the guys that treat them like trash.
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Dump Him.  A man who loves your will think you are the most beautiful person on the plant and try to convince of of it.  don't waste your time on someone who obliviously DOES NOT LOVE YOU
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Next time he insults you then threaten to break up with him, or if he doesnt get it then just go ahead and break up with him. He'll be sure not to do that again. It 'll be too bad he didnt know he had chances
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You LOVE him? He's a LOSER!!! Thats emotional abuse. You don't deserve that and you're not over reacting. Tell the loser that if he doesn't stop you're leaving.... Then DO it. Emotional abuse today... Physical abuse tomorrow. Nobody has the right to treat you like that. Dump him and find a man that will treat you right.
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This is your boyfriend???  Get rid of him and do it now!  This guy is a selfish and childish moron.  If he cared AT ALL about your feelings he would never even think to say such things.  He is doing this because he likes to see you in pain.  Do you understand?  I don't know how to say it plainer.  This type of person will not change either.  It makes him happy to hurt you.  Please, please get rid of this useless man.
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Sounds like hes got the hots for other women, but stays with you for the sex.I would push him away a bit and seriously tell him to knock it off, because that's messed up. If my gf called me another dudes name in bed, I would be pissed joking or not. I would refuse to sleep with her for a pretty long time, until she straitens her head out.
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Ok. First, Tell him in a very serious way that.. You don;t like that and it hurts your feelings. But if that doesnt work then he obviously doesn;t give a crap what you say and he doesn;t care so you would have to just break up with him.
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For 1 that's very immature to say something like that and then saying your just messing.. Let him know that you're tired of him telling you that and remind him that you're his girlfriend and if he keeps it up, dump him. Don't let someone talk to you like that. Especially your boyfriend..
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Girl you need to tell him that those things are NOT FUNNY AT ALL TO YOU n if he doesn't listen to you . Are he just laugh obvious he has been using you I think no man should be treating you like you are nothing because you are human too and I think you should be treated like a queen are even better . So um I think you should dump him and find another
girl your not over reacting.
p.s also don't listen to what he be calling you girl  you might have curves  and that's ok work with it .some guys out there somwhere   they would love to  have a thick girl trust I know lol keep your head up

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You don't deserve that no one has the right to do it and if he keeps telling you that even if he's kidding,Break up with him!!!or do the same thing he does to you like saying "your so ugly and dumb.Ha just kiddin' so you see how it feels?!?!"that should knock some sense into him if not break up with him please for me!!=)
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Dump him, guys are supposed to make you feel loved, not hated. He's a jerk who's as imature as a 7 year old. HE NEEDS TO BE DUMPED
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He is not a boyfriend, He hates himself and everyone he knows. He know nothing of loving himself or others.

You have rights to someone who will respect you and have loving words of encouragement to give to you as a gift of his love.

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you seem like a nice girl, this is bad, dump him be4 it gets way worse!!  He should not act this way, and if he loves you he won't!!
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Try turning it around on him like asking "Why do you say that? Do you feel fat and ugly?" Its one of those things like when someone farts and they want to blame it on the person closest to them.
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He shouldn't be saying these things no matter what. He may be turned on, but this isn't right . Tell him you don't like it. And weather he's joking it or not, don't accept it. If he loves you, then he'd respect what you have to say.
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I have the same problem I believe he does it to lower your self asteam so you don't leave him and find someone he wants to make you feel that he is the only one that wants its coz he has low self asteem
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Ditch him he is gay and must be a jerk so you go poop on his head and give him what he deserves that gay faget....and cheat on him...MuHuHaHaHa... Haha popo stick you head in DoDo...BURN

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