My Dad Is A Jerk. He Calls And Says He Loves Me, But He Is So Rude To Me. What Am I Supposed To Tell Him? That I Love Him Too? When He Can't Even Stay In Our House And Is Always Out At Night?


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Just take it easy. As I understand from your query, your dad does not stay with you guys, is rude to you, and yet says he loves you. Well, may be he does, but is unable to show it out. A lot of times, adults do things that seem really strange and stupid to all around. One explanation could be that he is under some stress or mitigating circumstance that prevents him from being the way a good father should be. However, that is no excuse to behave rudely, while professing his love and concern for you.

The best thing would be to talk to him. Communication works wonder of a number of times, and it would be a good idea to just sit across him or tell him over the phone how you feel the next time he talks to you. Make it clear that it is not enough to just say that he loves you. It has to be seen in his action and his behaviour towards you. He has to realize that his behaviour is affecting you negatively. If he still persists in behaving the same way as he was doing earlier, then you can think of what to do next. However, most of the times talking to the person and letting him or her know exactly how you feel is a great help in sorting things out.
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That is bull if this persons dad is anything like mine then when confronted he gets angry and gets even more meaneven right now he is being a dick to my mom
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It sounds as though both you and your dad are very confused in your relationship here.
Your dad is living the life of a single man and neglecting the needs of his family for what ever reasons.
He's trying to justify his behaviour towards you by phoning to tell you he loves you as that's his way of easing his conscience.
You need to spend time with your dad and talk to him face to face.
He needs to start acting like a real Father and you need to tell him how you feel and how his behaviour's affecting you badly. He's running away from whatever's bothering him and that won't solve anything.
Tell him you need to talk and you can't tell him you love him too until he gives you the time and attention you need and deserve. If he thinks he's loosing your love he might come to his senses a bit.
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You should never have to say "I love you" if you don't mean it. I had to do that for years with my emotionally abusive, neglectful, screwed up father who has caused me quite a few problems, and it disgusted me. I only did it because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't. So, unless you're in that situation too, don't say you love him unless you mean it, but don't be rude or disrespectful either.
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Help my whole family consists of some outcasts that think I'M the one who's abnormal
Here are examples:
Mom wouldn't let me go to Dreamworld, yet it eventually went sunny
My brother likes to pretend that he's a "Little baby spheal", yet he hates nintendo
And my dad is not one bit embarassed about being overweight
what do I do???
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P.S. Don't let your freind's mother call your dad(the jerk) or mom.
I Hate My father too!

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