So. I have a best friend. He is always blowing up, and yelling. This really bothers me but Idk how to tell him. But I don't like when he takes it out on me, and I've told him so before?


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You got figure how long you can put up with his bull. You know friends always yelling, moody, argumentative have problems. I  know I won't deal with them.

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I'm having a hard time following this.  If my "BEST" friend did this behavior all the time, they would NOT be My Bestie.  No one has the right to be a verbal punching bag for someone .  If you are being considerate and not bringing it up again... Or if you are afraid you won't be friends if you don't put up with it... He's not a friend at all.

Buy him a pillow, tell him to punch it yell obscenities into it and when he can act like a civil human being, you 'd be more the happy to talk rationally about his problem.  This is about respect for yourself.  You don't need to be treated that poorly.  Especially, from your bestie.  Good Luck.  I hope this helped.

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