What Does It Mean When Your Ex Boyfriend Kisses You?


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Well it can mean a few things, one, he may not be over you and he wants to know if you still have any feelings for him, or he could have found out you were seeing someone and he wants to keep you unsure, so you don't develope feelings for someone else, you know sometime Ex's can be butt heads, they don't want you and they don't want anyone else to have you either.
So if he's not being serious with you, then stop the kissing and please if you are with someone you could have a real relationship with, kick him to the curve, it's a reason he's your Ex keep that in mind. Good Luck.
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Elizabeth Prophil
That means he still likes you ask that one of u made a bad CHOCIE if your not taken go back with him he wants another shot with u give it a chance good luck!
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My ex boyfriend broke up with me and I moved on. He then started texting me and emailing me. I told him to never email me or contact me. He stoped and email me 6 months later. He asked me to help him and insisted even after I tried to help him over the phone. He kissed me when I finally saw him. He looks like he wants me but then he ignores me for days. He calls a lot and then when I fall for that and call him; he will ignore me for days then start calling again. I think I should just cut him off but my friends are saying he want me  but maybe he is scared. What should I do plz?
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My ex boyfriend kissed me too.....I need help. It was an innocent game of truth or dare, and he got dared to kiss me. He didn't even chicken out either. He walked towards me and he kissed me on the lips. My other guy friend  yelled out "hes lingering" so I guess he paused after he kissed me with his eyes closed... I tried texting him hey with a smiley but he didn't respond... I really do like him and im  not sure what to do...

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Well, what was your reason y for breaking up with him? If he doesnt worth being in a relation with him agian, ignore it (or if he has hurt you badly and he didn't show a thing that he's sorry, do the same)
but if he had always respected you, and you still love him, without going too fast try to make your relation agian...

Maybe he hasnt forgot you!!

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